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“Fabian Roßhirt is an online instructor on Udemy, Skillshare, Simpliv and StackSkills teaching more than 10,000 students. He is offering two best selling video courses about using Lightroom in landscape photography.”

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Ranked in Top 30 photographers Germany, Top 80 Landscape daytime and reached third stage at 35AWARDS 2017. 2,526 people have reached the third stage (shortlist). Total participation has taken 103,000 people from 160 countries. A total of 257,000 photos have been submitted.

Certificate of participation

Certificate of participation





Winner of Jaworskyj Urlaubsbilder Contest out of more than 2,000 submitted photos


Ranked #3 in photo contest travelwithpavel17 out of more than 4,700 submitted photos


Publication in the famous photo magazine DigitalPHOTO – Photoshop

DigitalPHOTO - Photoshop 4/17

DigitalPHOTO – Photoshop 4/17



Publication of «MIRRORED BRIDGE» on the front page of Main-Post, the newspaper for Mainfranken with a circulation of 142,000 copies

Main-Post - April 19, 2018

Main-Post – April 19, 2018


Publication of «KLEIN NIZZA» in the famous calendar of Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg. The calendar is free of charge and has a big circulation.

April - Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg Calendar 2019

April – Sparkasse Mainfranken Würzburg Calendar 2019


Publication of «NATURE’S PALETTE» and «KLEIN NIZZA» in the city guide WÜRZBURG erleben

WÜRZBURG erleben

City guide – WÜRZBURG erleben


Publication of an article about me and presentation of my work on the famous blog of the company Datacolor – Read the full article >


Publication of «AFTER THE RAIN» in the magazine WIRTSCHAFT in Mainfranken

WIRTSCHAFT in Mainfranken 4/19

WIRTSCHAFT in Mainfranken 4/19


Publication of «EVENING HUES II» in the magazine WIRTSCHAFT in Mainfranken

WIRTSCHAFT in Mainfranken 4/19

WIRTSCHAFT in Mainfranken 7/19



Exhibition in the town hall of Würzburg together with the photographers Rainer Maiores, Boris Albert and Valentin Franz in October and November 2017 – The photos were auctioned and the earnings completely donated to “Station Regenbogen” who care for children with cancer.

Opening of the exhibition

Opening of the exhibition



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